Noms - Food and Drinks for Everybody#NipClub Monthly Barktenders serve up an amazing variety of fun themed foods (virtually) that suit the tastes of our cat, dog, human, and other anipals and guests.

#Nipclub Menu   –  the Noms and Drinks are HerE at Pawty Time

Meet up with your favorite barktender at the pawty. Current Barktender schedule is HERE at pawty time.

@WinstonTabbyIt it’s noms you are after, then @WinstonTabby is ready for you. This debonair cat is not only Head Chef and Menu Designer, who plans and whips up the menu every month, but he is also Head Barktender. He schedules and supervises all the Barktenders and makes sure you always have superlative service.

@GeorgeTheDuck backs up Winston any time he asks for help.

Meet all of our fantastic BARKTENDERS & CHEFS here.

By the way, we reserve the right to refuse to serve virtual alcoholic beverages to  underage anipals. It’s just good sense. :)

Photo Credit: Noms logo by @TinyPearlCat, used with permission
Photo Credit: Staff photos by @GeorgeTheDuck and @TinyPearlCat