#Nipclub Monthly Returns to Mardi Gras


Get ready to pawty when #Nipclub Monthly Returns to Mardi Gras            February 14-15

If ever there was a celebration made for #nipclub, it’s Mardi Gras!   Even now, the #Nipclub staff is planning a weekend of Mardi Gras fun.  Barktenders are planning their menus, DJ’s are readying playlists, Graphic Artists are sewing Mardi Gras attire, and the Entertainment team is planning some great events to keep pawty-goes busy.

Think you know everything there is to know about Mardi Gras?  Try your hand/paw/wing/flipper at trivia.  Don`t know your way around New Orleans? Take a tour of the town.  Are you the creative type?  Assemble your Krewe , build and enter your float in the #Nipclub Mardi Gras parade.  Want something more active?  Try the Beignet “Top Chef“ Blast or the Bourbon Street Cake toss.


Keep watching for more details, and as they say in New Orleans…

laissez bon teps roler

Let the good times roll!


2nd Annual Anipal Winter Games event schedule

#NCM Winter Games figure skating banner

Lace up your skates, don your bedazzled lycra and come take a spin at figure skating! Just look at the way the ice sparkles, the entire rink freshly gleaming from being swept clean by the Zamboni. Come on out and try your paw at individual, duo, or group skating – we will host ladies and mens singles, pair skating, and ice dancing competitions (who doesn’t like to ‘cha cha cha’ on the ice!?!). Show everyone what your stuff(ing) is made of by spinning until your dizzy, jumping like Super Man, and lifting your partner and twirling about. And for those anipals that are truly talented, come hit the ice with a partner, or a pair of partners, and showcase your death spiral skills (where one anipal is the pivot with one toe anchored in the ice, holding the paw of their partner, and both of you circle and circle and circle deep down almost parallel to the ice). Or perhaps hijinks is in your blood, and you just want to ‘borrow’the Zamboni and take it out for a spin! It’s all good anipals – just lace up your skates nice and snug, and SKATE!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  5:00 – 6:00 PM EST   Host:  @cherylpoestone


#NCM Winter Games snowboard banner

NipClub is hosting the World Championship of Snowboarding during the January monthly pawty! Do you have to know how to snowboard to compete? Heck no, everyone is welcome! We’ll all be taking our turns, or buddying up, to attack the alpine hill, where snowboarders speed down the hill bobbing and weaving through gates – fastest time wins. There will also be the halfpipe competition, where snowboarders perform tricks and attempt to get the best height while redefining difficulty in twists and turns. And for those anipals that really dig feeling like their flying through the air, we’ll bring out the awesome ‘big-air’ competition – this is where you zooooooom down a hill, with a little bit of gravity you will then come up a little, yet steep, hill, and when you hit the top you push off with your legs and free fly off of a bit of a mountain side grabbing big-air to do as many tricks, flips, circles, and twirls, possible until you safely land on a fluffy, soft, blanket of snow!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EST   Host:  @lucky_GSD


#NCM Winter Games bobsled banner

Do you like going fast? Do you like getting squished in to a tight space with a bunch of other anipals….dressed in skintight lycra….and then going fast….down an icey hill? You do!?! Well then, this here event is right up your alley! Come on out and watch or participate in the Cats versus Dogs (or whatever, there will be stuffies, goldfish, bears, cats on dogs teams, dogs on cats teams) bobsled races. The team members will use their paws to ‘race, race, race’ to get all the speed they can muster, and then as fast as they can they will all jump in to the bobsled and steer it hither and yon, through the town’s racetrack, zooming up the steep inclines, careening down the hills, screaming and holding tight – and all the time, racing against each other in order to win the race! We expect the teams to get creative in order to win the race, you know like toss snowballs at each other, bump in to one another, so if you come on out to watch the race, make sure you watch where you stand, or you just may end up in the fray!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  7:00 – 8:00 PM EST      Host:  @dylcat1                                    Date:  Jan 11, 2015    Time:  10:00 – 11:00 AM EST  Host: @3phibotticelli Sadie


#NCM Winter Games Slalom Skiing banner

It has finally arrived! The most anticpated event of Nipclub Pawties is here! The Downhill Nipclub Slalom Skiing Championship do you have what it takes to make it to the end of the course, can you get through the gates without crashing into them? There is a twist to this race can you get through gates and collect the Nip hanging on them? Can you organise the Nipclub revellers to get down the course in one piece and not erm cheat be aware that anipals love to create drama so can you keep them skiing? What about the unique jumps throughout the course can the anipals get down there in one piece and how will the kitties cope being out in the wet snow see how many anipals you can get round this course! Interested then this is for you!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  8:00 – 9:00 PM EST   Host:  @RealFakeGator


#NCM Winter Games Trivia banner

How much do you know about the Winter Olympics? Do you know your skies from your skates? Do you know what a halfpipe or a salkow is? Anipals love to answer questions so see if woo get them truly baffled with your questions and who will be the champ?

Date:  Jan 11, 2015   Time:  9:00 – 10:00 AM EST   Host:  @3phibotticelli Sadie

Good luck to all athletes!



Get your Anipal Winter Games gear here!

The outfitters at #Nipclub monthly have a large supply of sporting and winter outdoor gear.  Let them help you look your best as you watch or or go for the gold!


Styles by @TweetingTruman


DylanWinterGames@Dylcat1 is sure to win any speed event when wearing this sleek skin suit.  If your goal is to look good and go fast, Truman is your outfitter!




SkyeWinterGames  SadieWinterGames  KatiebellaWinterGames   Elegance, grace and strength are not reserved for kitties only!  Truman can have you whirling and twirling with elegance like @Skye613, @3phibotticelli`s Sadie     and @Katiebella.


MarioWinterGames  WinstonTabbywintergames @Mariodacat and @WinstonTabby show off their skills as well as Truman`s skill at designing for the guys too.  It`s a win-win combination.  Think of what Tru can do for you!


Styles by @RealFakeGator


#NCM Winter Games 2015 @IcyPinkLemonade

@IcyPinkLemonade is ready to race down the course in her blue bobsled.  Want a different color sled or helmet?  Let Gator know!



#NCM Winter Games 2015 @mk_inwa @mk_inwa is flying high in the half pipe.  Do you have what it takes to be a snowboarder?  Then let Gator set you up!  Want different gear?  Can do!



#NCM Winter Games 2015 @Pumpkinpuddy

@Pumpkinpuddy makes speeding down the mountain look easy.  If you can too, Gator has the gear for you.  Yellow not your color?  Let him know, he`ll find just the right color for you.



Gator still has last year`s styles available AND if you threw out, misplaced or outgrew your old gear (hey, it happens!) he can replace it!

#NCM Winter Games bobsled @Katiebella  #NCM Winter Games XCS @cherylpoestone

                 Keep watching for other sports & styles from the other outfitters                                       .                      As always, we`re happy to do custom!                                                                   



2nd Annual Anipal Winter Games

2015 Anipal Games Ollys banner

*January 10-11*

 Keep watching for details!



#Nipclub tailors are ready to outfit you


#NCM Xmas`14 @Bea_Bells    #NCM Xmas`14 @Bea_Bells 2    #NCM Xmas`14 @TerenceTerrier

 @MeisRoxyThePug and her snow cannon did a wonderful job of making Santa and his Elves feel right at home.  But the trouble is, all that snow lowered Miami`s temperature to the freezing point!  Let the #nipclub tailors get you fitted for a winter coat.  Be sure to let them know your color preference and if you would like a close-up or more full length style.  Showing only a few of the many parkas and coats available, are @Bea_bells and @TerenceTerrier.  Contact Gator to get yours!


PumpkinPuddySUS    MarioSUS    KatieSUS

Santa is down for the count.  What’s an elf to do?  Judging from the looks of elf models @Pumpkinpuddy, @mariodacat and @katiebella2, standing around and looking cute works just fine.  Contact Truman to get yours!


Tommy    Pink_Avvie    BunnersAndHarvs

What if we can`t sober up Santa?  Models @TommyPug and the rest of the gang are ready to stand in for  Santa Hats and his Elves.  Contact OllyTed to get yours!


#NCM Xmas`14 @MeisRoxyThePug    #NCM Xmas`14 @TweetingTruman

This weekend, coffee may not be the preferred beverage, but it may be the most needed one.  Tired after a weekend of supervising elves, wrapping presents, loading the sleigh, and feeding reindeer?  Let coffee help keep you going till Santa is ready for take-off.  And if you plan on pawtying like only Anipals know  how to do, well, Santa might not be the only one who needs sobering up.  Your guess is as good as mine as to which reason @MeisRoxyThePug and @TweetingTruman have for sharing a pot of coffee with Santa.  Contact Gator to get yours!



The coffee seems to be working, and model @Dylcat1 has got Santa up and out of the house.  Why not join him at Miami`s snow covered beach?  Contact Truman  to get yours!


See something you like?  Contact one of the #Nipclub Montly design team to get your avatar.  Thinking of something else?  We’re happy to do a custom avatar for you.

@realfakegator               @TweetingTruman               @PuppyNumber7            @MeisRoxyThePug      @OllyTed                                  @ToddyFur    


One Light Bulb Too Many

So, to recap…

Ready to greet the #NipClub Team: Santa's Village

Ready to greet the #NipClub Team: Santa’s Village

Having apparently learned nothing from the past two years, when #NipClub has sent staff to the North Pole to get them out of the way help the elves wrap presents then had to listen to the tales of all kinds of mayhem filtering back afterwards, Santa again invited us to send him some assistants. Miss @lucky_GSD and @Doggymolly somehow managed to get themselves appointed to the crew, and dutifully presented themselves at the North Pole with strict instructions to behave themselves.

"NipClub, we got a pawblem..."

“NipClub, we got a pawblem…”

With hindsight it might have been a good idea to make sure that these two disaster areas on paws actually knew how to do the job that they were taking on, and, just as importantly, when they ought to stop. Santa’s Grotto did, admittedly, look lovely with all the extra colored lights that they put in, but in their enthusiasm to make it the most beautifully-decorated grotto Santa had ever seen they failed to take account of the condition of the wiring, believed to have been designed back in the days of Thomas Edison. No-one is admitting to who it was who plugged in one light bulb too many…

Light-source: Rudolph the nip-nosed reindeer

Light-source: Rudolph the nip-nosed reindeer

There was a bright flash, followed by a loud bang. The lights went out, the elves’ machinery stopped working, the heat went off and the sound system stopped blasting out “So This Is Christmas” to the cold night air. The only sound was Santa’s comments, which didn’t sound a lot like Ho Ho Ho. It turned out to be just as well that Rudolph had been sampling the nip supplies that Moo and Lucky had brought with them, as apart from the Aurora Borealis high above the village his glowing nose was the only light-source that they had available.

Off the map: the power outage was extensive

Off the map: the power outage was extensive

Moo took out the NipClub satellite phone and after making calls to all the power companies that she could reach she found herself with no other option but to call the club and announce that Santa’s present run was canceled because the power couldn’t be restored till after Christmas. An emergency meeting of NipClub Management degenerated into a certain amount of less than helpful name-calling before it was agreed that the only thing to do was to bring Santa, the elves, Rudolph and the reindeer, and anyone else needed to make sure the presents would get out on time, to NipClub until after Christmas.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time…

To be continued




#NCM Xmas`14 Outhouse Races

Hey, it’s the North Pole…..what’s a more fun thing to do than racing an outhouse around the reindeer training track? What? You’re not sure that sounds like fun – well, come on down to the NipClub snow park where you’ll meet up with a bunch of our anipal friends. The Entertainment Leader will gather everyone together and assign each team an outhouse, you and your team’s job will be to pound skiis on to the bottom of the outhouse, put someone in the outhouse to help steer the little box while the rest of the team pushes it around the race track. You and your team will race your outhouse against all of the other team’s outhouses and the first one who crosses the finish line, wins! So join up with the Entertainment Leader during the date(s)/time(s) listed. All teams who have won one of the outhouse races will gather up all at once and have one big grand race – where they’ll push and push and push and push around the track until a winner is declared for the first team that crosses the finish line!

 Date: Saturday Dec 13  Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm EST   Host: @ToughTeddyBear                                                                                                                       .  @HenryTheCat2002   Date: Sunday   Dec 14     Time: 10:00 – 11:00 pm EST   Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Xmas`14 Santa's Man-Cave

Yup, you guest it…Santa has been a bit naughty, and according to Mrs. Clause he has to sleep somewhere else until he’s learned his lesson. Well, never fear – Santa has lots of little helpers, including you and me and all of us anipals to help him build a sweet Man-Cave! Join the Entertainment Leader in Santa’s cellar during the day/time listed below. We will gather, grab some tools and read the design plans and help build Santa a great little place. At least one of us will be able to read architectural drawings won’t we? Well, no matter – we’ll build what we build, because Santa… well, he has no other option available to him, unless he wants to sleep with the reindeer. Follow the Entertainment Leaders direction – because they’ll know what they are talking about… or not! It will be fun, we’ll break in to teams of carpenters, welders, electricians, and other assorted helpers and build out (conceivably) a great Santa Man-Cave! The anipal who demonstrates the most skill with saws, drills, and hammers wins the Santa’s Man-Cave Award!

Date: Saturday  Dec 13    Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm EST    Host: @MattieDog


#NCM Xmas`14 North Pole Trivia

Why is it called the North Pole? Is there an actual pole at the North Pole? Who lives at the North Pole? How do you send a letter to the North Pole? Who knew there are so many unknowns about the North Pole? Well, we did – that’s why we’re inviting you to play a little game of North Pole Trivia! Dress up nice and warm, put on some snow shoes and walk on over to the ampitheathre where you’ll join up with the Entertainment Leader(s) for a fun game of North Pole trivia! It will be a fun time, you’ll learn a lot about the North Pole, and the anipal with the most correct answers will win a super great prize! Oh, don’t forget to check the date(s)/Time(s) listed!

 Date:    Saturday Dec 13    Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST    Host: @OneWhiteDog    Date:    Sunday    Dec 14    Time: 9:00 – 10:00 pm EST  Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Xmas`14 North Pole Pub Crawl

Join Santa and the Entertainment Leader(s) during the dates/times listed for a fabulous microbrew beer, peppermint toddies, and animal safe hot cocoa with marshmallow tasting! The Entertainment Leader will collaborate with the NipClub Barktenders and create a wonderful North Pole Pub Crawl, paring tasty libations with spectacular and complimentary tasty treats! There will be a number of North Pole pubs included – with games intermingled! There will be holiday-themed billiards, pinball, darts, and shuffleboard. So make sure you dress warm, as we’ll be walking around the North Pole going from pub to pub – don’t forget to greet every anipal you meet and ask them to join in the fun!

Date: Saturday Dec 13    Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST    Host: @DoggyMolly


#NCM Xmas`14 Reindeer Games

So, you’re more of the independent type? No worries – we have you covered too! Here’s some fun games for you to play – just make sure you keep an eye on all of the fun that’s going on at NipClub! http://www.santa-t.com/reindeer-games.html



Sobering Up Santa

#NCM Xmas`14 Banner

Once again #Nipclub Is Traveling to the North Pole For ChristMas.  While everyone is helping Santa get ready for his big night, @doggymolly and & @lucky_GSD  are back at the grotto putting up lights.  What coUld possibly go wrong?

 #NCM Xmas`14 Grotto before #NCM Xmas`14 Grotto after



Check HERE to Find OUt!









Marine Corps Ball Activities


#NCM Marines Agility Course bannerI hope you’ve been working out anipals, because the November #NipClub pawty will test your strength and might! Have you got the determination to get around the Marines Agility Course? Now, as woo would expect wiv #Nipclub, this agility course does have some added extras, dere is a nip log: can you stay on the log whilst eating nip? There are also bound to be anipals who don’t take it seriously as we knows anipals gets, erm, rather distracted! So can you lead this group of renegade anipals around the agility course? The winner of course will win a prize!

Date: Saturday Nov 8   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT   Host: TBA


#NCM Marines Cake Decorating bannerOne of the biggest highlights on the happy birthday cellybrations for the Marines is the unveiling of the Cayk! So we thought we would create some pawsome cayks (nipclub style) to honor this occasion!

 Date: Saturday Nov 8   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm EDT      Host: TBA                  Date: Sunday Nov 9      Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Marines Outrun bannerThe Marine Corps are the elite of the elite and can outrun any human on this planet……however they have never taken on the four/three/two/one legged anipal variety so have you got what it takes to beat the Marines round their own Agility Course? Can the anipals win fair and square or will there be cheating? Who can win the NipMarine Challenge?

Date: Saturday Nov 8   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT   Host: @cherylpoestone


#NCM Marines Dance Contest Banner ONE of the highlights of this month’s nipclub is the grandoise ball, so we need to find the King or Queen of the Ball! So we is going to hold a dancing competishun to see who we fink is the deserving winner! Now as this is anipals dancing there will definitely be some mishaps, so be prepared to be in charge! There can be group dancing, single dancing, couple dancing and whoever woo think is the deserving king or queen will be crowned!

Date: Saturday Nov 8   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EDT   Host: @OneWhiteDog


#NCM Marines Trivia banner Think you`ve got what it takes?  Then join us Sunday to find out how much you really know about the Marine Corps.

Date: Sunday Nov 8   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli



Marine Ball attire

Have nothing to wear to the ball?  Let the #Nipclub graphic artists get you ready.

Attire by @Puppy Number7

Marine Corps Ball Alfie Cassie Marie Ryker@AlfieLuvsCassie & @Cassie_Spaniel / @MarieTheTabby & @LovePookieCat

   Marine Corps Ball StephieBlue TigerBoyThecat whatdoingdugal Army Corps Ball Chef cake making                                  @StephieBlue (Smokey) & @TigerboyTheCat / @WhatdoingDugal

Attire by @TweetingTruman

KatieBellaMCBall MarioMCBall MollyMCball     @katiebella2  @mariodacat  @doggymolly

                            SadieMCBall WinstonTabbyMCball                                       .                             @3phibotticelli`s Sadie        @WinstonTabby



    #NCM Marines @thenascarkitty #NCM Marines @CinniMini2 #NCM Marines @MadLabM @thenascarkitty                       @CinniMini2                     @MadLabM