All Aboard! #Nipclub Express European Tour



Relive the Golden Age of Travel aboard the #Nipclub Express

Departing May 9th at 2:00 PM EDT

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Dressing for the Desert Island

Take a peek and see what the graphics team has to offer for this weekend`s Desert Island pawty.  Dress for the island or dress for one of the activities.  Don`t  see  just the right thing?  We can do custom!                                  


Contact @TweetingTruman if you’d like one of these avatars.

DylanDI KatiebellaDI MarioDI MollyDI SadieDI SkyeDI

Contact @PuppyNumber7 if you’d like one of these avatars.

Archie_Pup and Charshy_Pup Pirates Bea_Bells Treasure Chest Duchess Genie in a bottle Marie The Tabby and Skottee MyJaffa Genie in a Bottle tiggybean desert island

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Desert Island Fun

.#NCM Desert Island Pirate Parade

Ahoy mateys! Come join t’ fun o’ some gold old fashion boat races! Join the Entertainment Leader(s) as they welcome you aboard the SS Nipclub, t’ biggest ship in t’ ocean. Everyone will climb aboard the SS NipClub for the big christening of the ship, and then everyone climbs aboard the various dingies and get ready to race! The SS NipClub dingies are fully equiped with sails, motors, refrigerators, and paddles to help make your race experience great – and yes, we said refrigerators, because you never know when a libation will be needed! But becareful anipals – pirates be a lurkin’ out in dem der waters! The Entertainment Leader will shout out race orders, and try to keep you safe from the pirates – but you know pirates, they be a sneaky!

So check the times for the Ahoy Matey Boat Races, and join in the fun! The captain of the dingy that crosses the finish line first will win themselves a spanking new prize – a pirate patch! No, not a pirates patch, but something just as cool. Make sure you stretch first, we don’t have a medic on board the SS NipClub…the pirates scared him off. We’ll see you at the Ahoy Matey Boat Races – make sure to say ‘howdy’ to the Entertainment Leader(s) when you check in for the races.

Date: Saturday April 11   Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM EDT       Host: TBA             Date: Sunday April 11      Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli                 .                                                                                                                                Sadie


#NCM Desert Island Pirate Parade

Pirates on Parade, ay matey t’is gonna B a big show! Get dressed in your pirate themed finery, show up as a Captain Jack Sparrow, a Davy Jones, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Jeanne de Clisson, or a parrot, or swashbuckler, or even a cannon shooter – the goal is to just show up and join in the fun! This parade will be a big bunch of fun – all parade participants will join our Entertainment Leader(s) on the SS NipClub where they will have a toast to all that is ‘pirate-like’ and then get ready to strut their stuff up and down the plank and whomever gets the most ‘oooooohhhhs’ and ‘aaaaaaahhhhs’ will win a prize at the end of the parade. Also, remember that floats can be a part of a parade – so don’t feel like you have to dress up as a person or creature, you can also post a picture of your float and tweet it out going up and down the plank. It’s all good – and everyone will welcome and appreciate your creativity. Also, bring trinkets to toss out at the parade onlookers – the watchers like goodies, whether candy or gold coins or even beads, just bring some fun things to toss in to the crowd and help create some instant fun. Make sure you join in at the times listed and you’ll have a great time!

Date: Saturday April 11   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT   Host: @LuckyGSD


#NCM Desert Island Genie

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you found a ‘genie in a bottle?’ What would you do if you found a genie? What things would you wish for, what problems would you solve, indulgences would you participate in, what would your genie look like, is your genie a he or a she? So many questions!! Well get your thinking cap on because this is your chance to make your biggest dreams come true. How will you find the ‘Genie in a Bottle?” Well it’s a scavenger hunt – so whomever follows the Entertainment Leader(s) clues and ends up finding the Genie will get to have their wish granted – virtually we mean. The Entertainment Leader(s) will gather anipals on the sandy beaches of the deserted island and lead anipals in a game of hunt and seek, warmer/colder until one lucky anipal finds the potential real Genie bottle. Potential? Yup – there will be eight (8) Genie bottles hidden on the island, some of them will just be dirty, dusty lamps… and some, well, they’ll have the magical wish granting Genie in them! But how will you know? You won’t – you’ll follow the clues and when you find a Genie bottle you’ll rub, rub, rub, rub, rub. and you’ll either get a face full of dust or a Genie – only the Entertainment Leader(s) will know for sure. But boy if you get one of those magical Genies you’ll be in luck – stand back and wish big (and indulgently) and tweet your wish outloud and stand back while the Entertainment Leader(s), speaking on behalf of the Genies, grant your wishes (could be literal or interpreted in a weird way…. so be clear in your wishes or you may be surprised)! Join during the times listed and bring your polishing cloth to buff up the Genie bottles!

Date: Saturday April 11   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT   Host: @DylCat1                  .                                                                                                                              @MattieDog


#NCM Desert Island Sunken Treasure

Scuba diving pirate anipals – that’s gotta be worth some serious gold! Join the Entertainment Leader(s) on the sandy beaches and get ready for some fun – searching for sunken treasure! Seems that Captain Kitty Claw sailed his ship across the ocean only to meet up with Pirate Poochie Pants, and a dual ensued. A duel so intense that Captain Kitty Claw’s crew tossed their bounty of treasures overboard just to be safe and ensure that Pirate Poochie Pants would not get his paws on the sparkly gold coins. As history tells it, Captain Poochie Pants’ team flung catnip on to the hull of Captain Kitty Claws ship, at the same time as the Captain and his crew flung bones at the Pirate’s boat…. needless to say, all of the animals (pirates and captains teams) lost interest in safehousing the treasure and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean. This is where you come in – you get your chance at taking a deep sea dive to find the bazzilions of dollars worth of sunken treasure! Joiin the Entertaiment Leader(s), take your diving training and get certified, hoist on your breathing aparatus, put on some flippers (unless your fish and brought your own), and take turns diving for the treasure! You may get lucky and bring up bountiful treasure… or you could end up with a jelly fish, only the Entertainment Leader(s) will know for sure and will let you know when you come up to show off your ‘treasure.’ How do you better your chances at having the Entertainment Leader(s) identify your capture as a priceless treasure? Well, it’s in all how you tweet out and interact during your your dive(s)! So bring your funny bone and join in the fun during the times listed below.

Date: Saturday April 11   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT   Host: @DylCat1


#NCM Desert Island Trivia

You know it – it’s pirate and desert island type trivia! Join the Entertainment Leader(s) during the time(s) listed and get ready for some fun. Entertainment Leader(s) will test your knowledge of all things desert island (or Gilligan’s Island), pirates, nautical folklore, and the like. Who was the first female pirate in recorded history, why do pirates wear eye patches, which arm did Captain Hook have his hook on, what was the most expensive cargo that pirates looked for, what was the outfits that women ship goers wore, what current day countries were the most explored/sought after, who was the most well-known explorer of the 1600’s, what famous animals were on pirate ships? So many questions – just come fully prepared to have some fun, enjoy yourself, and hit your buzzer! This hour will be one of fun, friendship and questions and answers, so join us during the times listed and come prepared for a good time!

Date: Saturday April 11   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT   Host: @RealFakeGator


#NCM Desert Island Walk the Plank

The goal of this hour – be the fanciest diver off of the SS NipClub! How will you do that – all in how you tweet anipals! First you’ll get dressed up in your swimming finery and sashay down the plank, bounce, bounce, bounce, swan dive and the rest is your magical imagination! You could do a triple somersault, a back flip with glitter spraying out of your swimsuit, a swan dive with real swans floating behind you, or a belly flop landing on an ocean full of bouncy jelly. Also, you don’t just land in the water – you swim to the top and spin about for a while, masking in the cheers of your fans and onlookers. These are just ideas, the only thing holding you back – your super awesome imagination! Just join the Entertainment Leader(s) during the time(s) listed, bring all of your gear (your sparkly swimsuit, swans, glitter, what-have-you) and get inline to take the plunge. Speaking of the plunge, wouldn’t it be really hilarious if you showed up with real live Polar Bears to join you in the plunge? Well, it would be scary and hilarious at the same time! We’re looking forward to seeing you during the time(s) listed, just look for the Entertainment Leader(s) and when you are called upon, jump off the plank with all of your (dramatic) gusto!-/p0

Date: Sunday April 11   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli`s    .                                                                                                                                                    Sadie






Join us for a weekend on a desert island


#NCM Desert Island twtvite

Join us April 11-12 for a weekend on a desert island

What does one do on a desert island?

Try your hand at activities such as Ahoy Matey Boat Races, Pirate Parade – Dress 2 Impress, Genie in a Bottle – Wishes Granted!, Sunken Treasure – Dive for the Gold, Trivia Time – Brain Bending Fun, Walk the Plank & Other Swimming Fun. 

Not the active type?

Then come to relax, be with friends and maybe even help out this months charity.  


#Nipclub Murder Mystery weekend avatars

@TweetingTruman will have you looking your best in one of these stylish outfits made exclusively for #Nipclub Monthly`s Murder Mystery Pawty

Bea_BellsMM        IamRustyCatMM models @Bea_bells and @IamRustyCat

SadieMM        TiggyBeanMM

models @3phibotticelli`s Sadie and @TiggyBean


Croatian Kitties Face Emergency

Scrap value?: Croatian kitty has no home but scrapyard

Scrap value?: Croatian kitty has no home but scrapyard

In need of care: all the kitties will have vet treatment

In need of care: all the kitties will have vet treatment

First of all, many thanks to all who have donated to our #NipClub charity this month, Udruga Devet Zivota (NGO 9 Lives) Osijek, Croatia, better known to us as @Ngo9lives, and also to everyone who’s helped bring in donations by mentioning or RT’ing the donation link, . Croatia is still suffering the after-effects of a tragic civil war, and every mention of this greatly-needed charity is valuable and helps to get the word out.

Looking to the future: one scrapyard kitty on way to safety

Looking to the future: one scrapyard kitty on way to safety

@Ngo9lives is now facing a new challenge which they had no way of foreseeing or preparing for. A very large colony of abandoned, lost or stray cats has been found in a scrapyard near Osijek. There are more than 20 unspayed females, which means that without @Ngo9lives’ help this number will increase very drastically and very fast. @Ngo9lives had planned to to start a TNR program (trap, neuter and return) for them on Friday, but have discovered that all the kitties are sick and need immediate vet treatment.

Behind bars: but on their way to vet care

Behind bars: but on their way to vet care

All have eye and lung infections, and the females have severe inflammation of the uterus as a result of the number of times they’ve given birth. Their treatment is clearly going to take a lot of time and will inevitably cost the charity a great deal of money. That means that if you can possibly donate to our YouCaring appeal for them you can be sure that your donation will be very much appreciated. Even what may seem to you to be a very small amount will do a lot of good.

Spot the kitty: "home" is just ahead of white van

Spot the kitty: “home” is just ahead of white van

Whether or not you can donate, though, you’ll also be helping the charity a great deal if you’ll tweet the link from time to time, or RT any mentions of it that you see on #NipClub timeline. We’ll be featuring @Ngo9lives till the beginning of next month, so I’m hoping that we can make a lot of difference for them in the meantime!

UK Staff Sergeant @TerenceTerrier of #NipClub Sekurity is a big supporter of this charity, and will be happy to give you information or answer any questions you may have about them.

Scrapyard survivor: 5-month-old Joop

Scrapyard survivor: 5-month-old Joop

UPDATE: Just heard that Joop, a tomcat believed to be around 5 months old, has been rescued from the scrapyard, neutered, and successfully treated for an anal tumor. He’s cuddly and playful, and very good with humans. As he’s litterbox-trained he may possibly have previously belonged to someone, but was found living with the colony. He has a slight limp in one hind paw, and a (fortunately minor) break in his tail, but has otherwise escaped his nightmare environment unscathed. He’s friendly and affectionate, and because of his lack of fear of humans he will make a great addition to someone’s family!

Oh, and here’s some great news you’ll enjoy – Dita, our cover girl for our YouCaring appeal, now has a new home where she will be loved and cared for. Concats, Dita, and lots of love from #NipClub!

Fresh start: Dita has a loving new forever home!

Fresh start: Dita has a loving new forever home!


Get Your Mardi Gras on…Costume shop is open!


The #Nipclub Monthly graphics team has put together a wide selection of Mardi Gras masks and costumes for you.

See one you like?  Contact the artist.                                                                            Haven`t found the right one?  We can do custom!


Graphic Artist @ToddyFur                                       

mardi_gras_hungarianbear mardi_gras_NannyRosella mardi_gras_pumkinpuddymardi_gras_TourGuideTed Toddy_mardi_gras                                                  Toddy`s models are  @hungarianbear, @NannyRosella, @pumkinpuddy, @TourGuideTed, and Toddy himself


Graphic Artist @TweetingTruman                                       

DylanMG KatiebellaMG PepperPomMG TinyPearlCatMG                                                                                                Truman`s models are @Dylcat1, @Katiebella2, @PepperPom, @TinyPearlCat


Graphic Artist @RealFakeGator                

#NCM Mardi gras 2015 Frame w: Mask #NCM Mardi gras 2015 Mask                                        (background colors and masks can be changed)

#NCM Mardi gras 2015 Jester #NCM Mardi gras 2015 Queen                                                    Gators models are @mk_inwa, @HarveyButtonNZ, @whskr


Graphic Artist @PuppyNumber7

CinniMini2 Cinnamon Mardi Gras mask 1 mewmewmurphy mardi gras 1 MogsBear Mardi Gras 3  Thomas` models are @CinniCinniMini2, @mewmewmrphy, @MogsBear



Mardi Gras event schedule


#NCM Mardi Gras 2015 Trivia 

Are you draped in beads and now need some time to settle down and do something more cerebral? Well then for sure you will find the Mardi Gras Trivia game definetly be up your ally, and all you have to do is pull up a lawn chair and sit in the tree covered shade of City Park. The NipClub Entertainment Team leaders have collected facts, figures, and all sorts of interesting tidbits about Mardi Gras: What is Mardi Gras, a krew is what, what animal-related floats are there during Mardi Gras and so on!

Join us during the times indicated, stretch out on the lawn, make friends with all other anipals joined in City Park, grab a nice refreshmentand place your paw (or flipper, or duck beak, or what have you) on your Twitter buzzer and be the first to tweet the right answer when the Entertainment Leader asks a trivia question and your the winner! What do you win? You’ll get the chance to don the King or Queen robe and lead everyone in a parade around City Park – all virtual of course! Oh yes, and there will be some real prizes sprinkled about during the contest too – hope to see you there!

Date:  Saturday February 14   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM  Host:@ToughTeddybear         .                                                                                                                @HenryTheCat2002


#NCM Mardi Gras 2015 Bourbon Street Cake Toss

There’s going to be a showdown on Bourbon Street – and it’s going to be filled with cakes, frosting, and maybe even a plastic baby! As soon as our Entertainment Leader gives the signal of ‘Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (translated means: Let the good times roll!) anipals gather on Bourbon Street and start eyeing all of the ingredients available to make a lovely cake! Each participant will get a box of goodies – and in one of the boxes will be hidden a plastic, tiny baby. Why? Because a a tiny baby in a cake indicates that it is the King Cake, the king of cakes for the Mardis Gras and for whichever anipal gets the baby will be certain to have a year filled with good luck, prosperity, and all things cake! But no anipal making the cake will know which box contains the teeny, tiny baby – and they’ll bake it without knowing if their cakes includes the good luck charm. All anipals will bring their cakes, including the unknowingly one with the plastic baby packed inside of it, to the sides of Bourbon Street. Anipals will line up on both sides, and then *toss toss toss* anipals will be covered in cake and smear each other in cake, dive in to the cake, eat the cake, all in the name of finding the tiny, good luck plastic baby! Whichever anipal ends up with the Plastic Baby will get a prize – so duke it out in the most creative way possible, and you may end up the winner of the Bourbon Street Cake Toss! Join our Entertainment Leader(s) during the date(s)/time(s) indicated and we’ll supply the hose…cause participants will need a good cleaning up post cake toss!

Date: Saturday February 14  Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM   Host: @Lucky_GSD  Date: Sunday    February 15   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM   Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Mardi Gras 2015 Beignet Blast

Could you go to New Orleans without enjoying beignets? No, of course not, don’t be silly. So we take the best of New Orleans pastries and mix in a little cooking reality show and *bam!* we have Beignet “Top Chef’ Blast! Our Entertainment Leads will gather all would be chefs at the date(s)/time(s) indicated and then it’s going to be a beignet off! What’s a beignet off you ask, well – here’s how it will work: Anipals will join in the fun, donning chef hats, and make lucious, scrumptious, warm and tasty beignets for our audience to eat and vote on which chef makes the best goodies. Warm, sugary beignets for all – yummy square pieces of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar… and whatever else your clever and creative mind can come up with. The goal is to ‘chef it out’ in the kitchen, be creative, grab fruits and jams, candy and goodies, and whatever else you’ll need to bribe, errr… increase votes, for your final beignet presentation to the NipClub crowd. Things will get crazy as would-be chefs compete, and everyone is sure to get covered in powered suger… fritters will fly and whoever end up with the most tasty tweets (hey chefs, that means you’ll need to get anipals to Tweet out their support of your concotion) will be crowned the winner! So don some clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, or don’t wear clothes at all – just your fur – because this event is bound to be one of the messiest in history! Join us on the date(s)/time(s) indicated.

Date: Saturday February 14  Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM  Host: @Dylcat1


#NCM Mardi Gras 2015 Float Parade

You can be a part of the one of the big Mardi Gras parades – each year the parades go up and down and about, and this year is no different. The NipClub Mardi Gras parades will have big floats with brigth lights, where anipals sit on top of the floats and toss out anima-safe candy, drinks, foods, whistles, and for the few brave that want to flaunt what their momma’s gave them, well, you’ll be the lucky recipient of some Mardi Gras beads! The parade floats will have various themes – some will even have pirates, so make sure you keep your gold safely tucketed away in your pockets! Join the Entertainment Leader at the date/time below and let him or her know that you want to be in the float parade – then you can help create whatever theme for your float that you want, if you can imagine it, then we’ll include it in our wonderful NipClub Mardi Gras parade!
For those you join in the float parade, willingly or who get tossed on to a float just for being near by, remember the bigger and badder-more fun you have, the more tweets you bring to the parade, you could be picked by the Entertainment Leader to be the King or Queen of the NipClub Float Parade. If you are selected as King or Queen your job will then be to ride atop the float and toss out goodies to all of the anipals lining the (virtual) parade streets! So get ready anipals – the Float Parade is going to be big fun!

Date: Saturday February 14  Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM  Host: @OneWhiteDog


#NCM Mardi gras 2015 Tour

Join our Entertainment Leader(s) as they take you on a grand tour, where you will eat and drink and be visusually delighted through your way around New Orleans! We’ll set off on your stroll around the city to learn about its culinary history while scouting out its top eateries. Highlights will include the much-loved eateries around St Charles Avenue and the Garden District, the tour includes many stops in the city’s gastronomic heritage. We’ll make our way through various top attractions with stops and sightseeing of the Steamboat Natchez, the French Quarter, the Garden Sitrict, the Audubon Nature Institute, Bourbon Street, New Orleans City Park, Jackson Square. Oh, and make sure you bring your wee-wee pads if you scare easily because we’ll stop at the cemetery home to Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s grave, and Lafayette Cemetery – a popular location for movies shot in New Orleans, and situated directly across from Commander’s Place in the Garden District.

We’ll explore and participate in some of the greatl local venues that play endless foot-stomping tunes and enjoy the atmosphere from your VIP seats in Musical Legends Park, and we’ll learn some interesting facts and stories about jazz history in the city that started it all.There will be something for every anipal – we’ll nom on gut-busting staples such as a pork belly slider as well as fur sticking together sweet candy and more; it’s the perfect way to discover New Orleans! Join in the fun during the date(s)/time(s) indicated and wear your walking booties – or if your a fish, make sure one of your other anipal pals bring you/your tank along for the tour – and have some fun, learn a few things, and expand your waist line a bit!

Date: Sunday February 15  Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM  Host: @3phibotticelli





#Nipclub Monthly Returns to Mardi Gras

NCM_MardiGras         .                                                                           graphic credit to @MeisRoxyThePug


Get ready to pawty when #Nipclub Monthly Returns to Mardi Gras            February 14-15

If ever there was a celebration made for #nipclub, it’s Mardi Gras!   Even now, the #Nipclub staff is planning a weekend of Mardi Gras fun.  Barktenders are planning their menus, DJ’s are readying playlists, Graphic Artists are sewing Mardi Gras attire, and the Entertainment team is planning some great events to keep pawty-goes busy.

Think you know everything there is to know about Mardi Gras?  Try your hand/paw/wing/flipper at trivia.  Don`t know your way around New Orleans? Take a tour of the town.  Are you the creative type?  Assemble your Krewe , build and enter your float in the #Nipclub Mardi Gras parade.  Want something more active?  Try the Beignet “Top Chef“ Blast or the Bourbon Street Cake toss.


Keep watching for more details, and as they say in New Orleans…

laissez bon teps roler

Let the good times roll!


2nd Annual Anipal Winter Games event schedule

#NCM Winter Games figure skating banner

Lace up your skates, don your bedazzled lycra and come take a spin at figure skating! Just look at the way the ice sparkles, the entire rink freshly gleaming from being swept clean by the Zamboni. Come on out and try your paw at individual, duo, or group skating – we will host ladies and mens singles, pair skating, and ice dancing competitions (who doesn’t like to ‘cha cha cha’ on the ice!?!). Show everyone what your stuff(ing) is made of by spinning until your dizzy, jumping like Super Man, and lifting your partner and twirling about. And for those anipals that are truly talented, come hit the ice with a partner, or a pair of partners, and showcase your death spiral skills (where one anipal is the pivot with one toe anchored in the ice, holding the paw of their partner, and both of you circle and circle and circle deep down almost parallel to the ice). Or perhaps hijinks is in your blood, and you just want to ‘borrow’the Zamboni and take it out for a spin! It’s all good anipals – just lace up your skates nice and snug, and SKATE!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  5:00 – 6:00 PM EST   Host:  @cherylpoestone


#NCM Winter Games snowboard banner

NipClub is hosting the World Championship of Snowboarding during the January monthly pawty! Do you have to know how to snowboard to compete? Heck no, everyone is welcome! We’ll all be taking our turns, or buddying up, to attack the alpine hill, where snowboarders speed down the hill bobbing and weaving through gates – fastest time wins. There will also be the halfpipe competition, where snowboarders perform tricks and attempt to get the best height while redefining difficulty in twists and turns. And for those anipals that really dig feeling like their flying through the air, we’ll bring out the awesome ‘big-air’ competition – this is where you zooooooom down a hill, with a little bit of gravity you will then come up a little, yet steep, hill, and when you hit the top you push off with your legs and free fly off of a bit of a mountain side grabbing big-air to do as many tricks, flips, circles, and twirls, possible until you safely land on a fluffy, soft, blanket of snow!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EST   Host:  @lucky_GSD


#NCM Winter Games bobsled banner

Do you like going fast? Do you like getting squished in to a tight space with a bunch of other anipals….dressed in skintight lycra….and then going fast….down an icey hill? You do!?! Well then, this here event is right up your alley! Come on out and watch or participate in the Cats versus Dogs (or whatever, there will be stuffies, goldfish, bears, cats on dogs teams, dogs on cats teams) bobsled races. The team members will use their paws to ‘race, race, race’ to get all the speed they can muster, and then as fast as they can they will all jump in to the bobsled and steer it hither and yon, through the town’s racetrack, zooming up the steep inclines, careening down the hills, screaming and holding tight – and all the time, racing against each other in order to win the race! We expect the teams to get creative in order to win the race, you know like toss snowballs at each other, bump in to one another, so if you come on out to watch the race, make sure you watch where you stand, or you just may end up in the fray!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  7:00 – 8:00 PM EST      Host:  @dylcat1                                    Date:  Jan 11, 2015    Time:  10:00 – 11:00 AM EST  Host: @3phibotticelli Sadie


#NCM Winter Games Slalom Skiing banner

It has finally arrived! The most anticpated event of Nipclub Pawties is here! The Downhill Nipclub Slalom Skiing Championship do you have what it takes to make it to the end of the course, can you get through the gates without crashing into them? There is a twist to this race can you get through gates and collect the Nip hanging on them? Can you organise the Nipclub revellers to get down the course in one piece and not erm cheat be aware that anipals love to create drama so can you keep them skiing? What about the unique jumps throughout the course can the anipals get down there in one piece and how will the kitties cope being out in the wet snow see how many anipals you can get round this course! Interested then this is for you!

Date:  Jan 10, 2015   Time:  8:00 – 9:00 PM EST   Host:  @RealFakeGator


#NCM Winter Games Trivia banner

How much do you know about the Winter Olympics? Do you know your skies from your skates? Do you know what a halfpipe or a salkow is? Anipals love to answer questions so see if woo get them truly baffled with your questions and who will be the champ?

Date:  Jan 11, 2015   Time:  9:00 – 10:00 AM EST   Host:  @3phibotticelli Sadie

Good luck to all athletes!