Looking good in leotards – get your gymnastics avatar here!

Everyone looks good in leotards, especially with the pros at the #Nipclub monthly doing the tailoring.  Check out what we have to offer.  Don`t see anything you like?  We can do custom!

Designer @TweetingTruman is offering….

Bea_bellsNCG CinniNCG DylanNCG  models..@Bea_Bells, @CinniMini2, @dylcat1

KatiebellaNCG LuckyNCG MarioNCG models..@katiebella2 , @lucky_GSD, @mariodacat

TiggyBeanNCG WinstonTabbyNCG                                                models… @TiggyBean, @Winstontabby


Designer @RealFakeGator is offering…

#NCM Gymnastics @sanjeethecat     #NCM Gymnastics @LilyLWhoT                                            models… @sanjeethecat  @LilyLuWhoT

#NCM Gymnastics @RhondaHendee     #NCM Gymnastics @mattiedog                                            models… @RhondaHendee (Batman)  @mattiedog

Keep watching for additions!


Anipal Gymnastics Event Schedule

.#NCM Gymnastics Event banner.Paws in air Fun is the word for the day – and for fun we’ve got a great ‘paws in the air’ competition of balance beam, vault and floor dancing activity! What? Snakes don’t have paws….birds feet are called…well, feet. No worries, put whatever you want in the air but just get on down to the NipClub gymnastics building so you can have some fun showing off your talents on the various “artistic events!” Join in the fun and have a good time and don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do the balance beam, vault or floor events, our handy-dandy Entertainment Leader will be on hand to help – and even show you how to do the events! Follow our Entertainment Leader’s call out when he/she jumps up on the balance beam and shows you how to wiggle and prance about on the thin beam; and who wouldn’t want to run, run, run, run and then springboard up and over the vault; and lastly take to the floor and show off fluid, powerful, and fanciful moves – with ribbons and other such fun things! What could possibly go wrong? Lots! That’s why you should join in the fun – just hold your breath and ‘go-for-it, and heck if you are really something special you could win a medal (a.k.a. NipClub prize)!’ Tweet out to the Entertainment Leader noted, and we’ll come on out and create some fun for you to join in!

Date: Saturday July 11     Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT     Host: TBA


#NCM Gymnastics Event banner.Trivia  Who won the gold medal in tumbling in 1996? Mary Lou Retton was on what national team? What do the colors of the Olympic rings mean? Why are you asking me??? I don’t know! But hopefully you do – because knowing everything there is to know about gymnastics will come in handy when we play “I’ll Tumble For You!” Meet up with the Entertainment Leaders during the dates and times listed and get ready to play a super fun trivia game – we’ll test your knowledge of all things gymnastic. So put on your lycra and come on down to the gymnastics center and get ready to answer quetions about the sport! Join in the fun and get ready to answer questions where timing of the answer is key – first answer gets the title of “Winner!” and the overall winner will win something wonderful (while it won’t be a new car like Oprah gives away, it will be akin to a ‘gold’ medal because we think you all deserve a gold medal)! Join us during the dates and times listed by the Entertainment Leader(s) – and you could be the big time winner!

Date: Saturday July 11     Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT      Host: @MizzBassie


#NCM Gymnastics Event banner.jump What is not fun about jumping on stuff? Well, if you don’t think that jumping on stuff is a gymnastic event then I think you need to go get a bath! Hee hee hee! Jump On Stuff is one of the most fun hours of this month’s NipClub. Join the NipClub Entertainment Team during the dates and times listed and you’ll get to Jump on Stuff – we’ll be pommeling horses, balancing on uneven bars, and wondering what to do with parellel bars! Wait, that’s not right – we’ll take turns at showing ours kill at the pommel horse, flipping about on the uneven bars, and showing our stuff on the parrellel bars – all great upperbody and core strong anipals are encouraged to come show us how to do things; and if that’s not you and you are more of a cough potato, well we know you have some good moves you can show us too! Entertainment Leader will be on hand to start the Jump on Stuff and to encourage everyone to have some fun and show off his/her great talents – and maybe, if you are lucky, our Entertainment Leaders will give a bit of an exhibition of the Jump on Stuff! Follow our Entertainment Leader’s call out when he/she gets things going. Simply just join in the fun. Tweet out to the Entertainment Leader noted, and we’ll come on out and create some fun for you to join in!

Date: Saturday July 11     Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT     Host: TBA


#NCM Gymnastics Event banner.Rhythm Who doesn’t like dancing!?! Come on everyone, grab your balls, hoops and clubs and show us your rythm!!! Wait – it’s not a free for all, so you just get back in line partner! Well, and it’s not a rodeo so darn tootin’ we don’t have to talk like cowboys either. This is a gymnastics competition where you dance – flips, spins, tumbles all while you carry and play with balls, hoops and clubs; and stay inside the bounds of the floor mat. Sounds easy don’t it – but it’s not. You Got Rythm takes special skills – the ability to count, prance, and toss stuff about…. all while you are strutting about to melodious tunes, or as most of us call it, ‘a typical Saturday night!’ The Entertainment Leader will get things going – all you have to do is follow his/heard lead and then just go for it. The more creative and artistic the better – and for those anipals that want a good competition then this ones for you as we’ll be looking for the most inerpretive and cray-cray anipal having the most fun! Join up with the Entertainment Leader and have at it!

Date: Saturday July 11     Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT     Host: @DylCat1


#NCM Gymnastics Event banner.cray crayIt’s like a frat party – everyone is going to have fun by joining in the Anipals Go Cray Cray – this is where you get to simply have fun and lose yourself in the silly! Come and join the fun in Anipals Go Cray Cray and you will bounce around in an artistic interpretation on a trampolene – bounce, bounce, bounce, arms in the air, fur flopping about, and smiling like a goof as you strike poses, in freeze frame style, on the trampolene. Not only that you can also tumble…..strike a pose, jump up, strike a pose….tumble! How fabulous is this fun going to be? Awesomeness!! Theatrical anipals will love ‘Anipals Go Cray Cray,’ so join us for fun! Meet up with the Entertainment Leader and go Cray Cray during the dates/times listed.We are truly looking for stars, so if you are spotted playing the Anipals Go Cray Cray game you may win a prize – the more dramatic and silly the better – go for it, what do you have to lose? Nothing! And you could win a prize! See you at Cray Cray central!

Date: Sunday July 12     Time: 9:00 – 19:00 AM EDT     Host: @3PhiBotticelli


#NCM Gymnastics Event Banner.awards It’s the (Faux) Awards Ceremony, the gold medal winners of the gymnastic events! Who are all the gold medal winners? Everyone – if you can dream it, you can do it! Follow the lead of our Entertainment Leaders as they create/make up award categories and give out awards – how can you get involved? You can tweet out to the Entertainment Leader(s) with your (untrue) boastful gold medal wins you took place in! Ha – it’s all make beleive and that’s the fun. “Gold medal winner in kitty litter tumbling goes to…..” oh and “Butt scootting gold medal winner is….” and how about “Best wrapping paper freak out is awarded to….” The goal is to have fun and to be self-deprecating where animal behavior is concerned – and award medals for all things animal! The Entertainment Leader will lead the way and get things going – and we always encourage you to participate fully by taking the mike and making up your own awards, giving awards to your friends, give one to yourself, or just plain break out in a gymnastic interpretation or dance! Join up with the Entertainment Leader(s) and get ready for a great time.

Date: Sunday July 12     Time: 9:00 – 19:00 AM EDT     Host: @3PhiBotticelli




Animal Gymnastics is just around the corner~

AnipalGymnasticsChampionshipsBannerDesign Credit to @TweetingTruman

Coming in July

Keep checking back to find out more!


Gear Up for a Tennis Weekend

Ready to Pick Out Your Gear?

4catsstrapski bode tennis       baxter_man tennis                dakotabdog tennis       Whatdoingdugal tennis                                                          Models                                                                                     @4catsstrapski               @baxter_man                                               @dakotabdog                 @whatdoingdugal

Contact @PuppyNumber7 for one of these styles


Bea_bellsNCW   DoggymollyNCW   DylanNCW                   IamRustyCatNCW   KatiebellaNCW   MarioNCWModels                                                                                                                                @bea_bells @doggymolly @dylcat1                                    @IamRustyCat @Katiebella2 @ mariodacat

Contact @TweetingTruman for one of these styles


#NCM Tennis Model @MeisRoxyThePug      #NCM Tennis Model @GiambiBoyPup @                #NCM Tennis Model @OwenTheTonk      #NCM Tennis Model @Pumpkinpuddy           #NCM Tennis Model @Katiebella                                                                                                    Models                                                                                                        @MeisRoxyThePug @GiambiBoyPup                             @OwenTheTonk @Pumpkinpuddy @Katiebella2  

Contact @RealFakeGator for one of these styles







Tennis Weekend Activities


#NCM Tennis`15 event.Anipal Tennis Tourney

Join in the fun and everyone, single, doubles, and whatever else you might bring to the net, will have a good time! All of us anipals will have a grea time – join us down by the tennis fields and we’ll all enjoy having a good time. Are you solo – well, then you will do well in the singles challenges, or if you like a twosome, well then doubles are for you; any more than that and you can join in our free-for-all where everyone gets on the tennis courts, tennis racket sin hand, and ‘whack whack whacks’ until you can’t whack any more. Traditional tennis scoring is likely not what you’ll find here, and well, other than we wear white outfits, that’s about all you’ll find in similiarities! But other than that, come on down and join us in our fun! Good, solid tennis (well, sorta tennis) related fun is what you’ll find when you join in the frivolity! Tweet out to the Entertainment Leader noted, and we’ll come on out and create some fun for you to join in!

Date: Saturday June 13    Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT    Host: @mizzbassie                    Date: Sunday June 14 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT Host: @3phibotticelli Sadie                                                .

#NCM Tennis`15 event.Tennis Trivia

Two fuzzy balls crossed the street to get to the other side…. why did they do that? Well, to be smacked by a tennis racket that’s why! Who understand tennis? We don’t! Oh, wait, you do? Well then this is the place for you! Come on down to the tennis nets and get ready to answer quetions about tennis! Who was the first female tennis player to…. do something!?!? We may not know what question to ask, but we sure do know the anser! Join in the fun and get ready to answer questions where timing of the answer is key – first answer gets the title of “Winner!” and the overall winner may get a big prize to hold and keep precious! Join us during the dates and times listed by the Entertainment Leader(s) – and you could be the big time winner!

Date: Saturday June 13  Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM   EDT   Host: @Shaynacat        Date: Sunday June 14   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT  Host: @3phibotticelli Sadie

#NCM Tennis`15 event. Center Court Nip Hunt

The Illustrious Centre Court has become overrun with the rather elite nip that is usually stashed at Nipclub but can you find it hidden round centre court? Do you have the nose to sniff it out whilst tennis balls are flying round the court? We are looking for the ultimate “Niphunter” of Centre Court could this be you?

Date: Saturday June 13    Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT    Host: @dylcat1.

#NCM Tennis`15 event.Show…Balls

Are you a chasing type of anipal? Well then Show Me The Balls is for you! Line up by the Entertainment Leader and get ready – once you hear the “one, two, three, go!” sound and head off down toward the ball that’s been flung you are right on target! The goal of this game is to catch all, or as many, of the balls that are flung down the long, grassy knoll. The Entertainment Leader will get things ready – get the anipals all lined up, where you’ll meet up – and then announce a chase! “One, two, three, go!” All anipals lined up will chase and try to catch all the balls – there are no rules, so if you have a friend on the green gathering the balls and you feel lazy, instead of chasing them you go get in a golf cart and get them well, then that’s up to you! But what ever you do – scream/tweet out how many balls you have caught becase the anipal with the most balls found is the winner!

Date: Saturday June 13    Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT    Host:  @mattiedog                                                .





#Nipclub Monthly Returns to Wimbledon

#NCM Tennis invite graphic by Olly

On Saturday June 13 and  Sunday June 14, NipClub monthly returns to Wimbledon! 

The fun starts at  2pm EDT Saturday (7pm in the UK) and runs for 24 hours.   

Take part in the Anipal Tennis Tournament.  Whether you want to play singles, doubles or both, you’ll have a great time. 

Not the active type?  Play tennis-related games, like Trivia, Center Court Nip Hunt or the poplar “Show Me the Balls.“

All you have to do is RSVP, and then come pawty with us!,   There’ll plenty to do throughout the weekend, and of course as always there will be lots of noms, drinks, music and prizes to be won.


#Nipclub Express Activities

.#NCM Orient Express trivia banner Did you take European history? Well, this game is designed to test your knowledge of European capitals – what’s the capital of X, Y, or Z? This is a great trip down European memory lane, where beautiful streets are lined with historic, and regal buildings. Join the Entertainment Leader listed and get ready to play. You’ll want to study up, or have Google ready – because the questions will be flying. The more questions you get right, the more likely you are to win the European Capitals King/Queen prize!
So, please meet us in the ‘beverage car’ of the train – casual attire is recommended – and enjoy a nice libation, and come ready to hit your buzzer because the questions will be flying!  
Join us at the date/time listed and play along, you could win a prize!

Date: Saturday May 9  Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM EDT   Host: @Lucky_GSD


.#NCM Orient Express murder banner You know the game, ‘Clue?’ Well this is NipClub Express’s version – Oh No! It’s a (Make Believe) Murder will have you wondering ‘who did it?’ Is it the anipal sitting next to you, across from you, or could it be you? You won’t know until….. you know! Join our Entertainment Leader as s/he leads you through a night of mystery – it all starts with anipals getting on a train, departing from Paris and going to Instanbul. Things are going well, all the guests enjoy themselves, until – oh no(!), someone goes missing!
Eh, gads – missing? Yup, missing! Put on your thinking cap as the Entertainment Leader conjures up a tale of intrigue and mystery – leaving clues along the way, to help you identify: Who did it, where they did it, and why they did it! Get all three right and be the first to hit your buzzer with the correct answers and you win a prize! So, looking forward to seeing you at the ‘Oh No! It’s a (Make Believe) Murder!’ fun event – just show up at the date(s)/time(s) listed and put on your thinkin cap!

Date: Saturday May 9  Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT Host: @HenryTheCat2002 .                                                                                                                        @ToughTeddyBear   Date: Sunday May 10  Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT  Host: @3phibotticelli


.#NCM Orient Express soul train banner Who doesn’t love to dance? What could be better than dancing down the main walkway way of a train? Dancing down the main walkway of a train while dressed in your ‘Orient/NipClub Express’ outfit – or a groovy Soul Train outfit! Hey, you gotta have fun, even while your on a European train tour! How does this work? Well, you meet up with our Entertainment Leader ands/he will split up the crowd in to two lines, one is boys and the other is girls and then have a dance off. Every anipal will be teamed up with a partner from the other line and then dance their way down the train main walkway!
This one is just for some fun – because the Soul Train brings out the ‘cool’ in every anipal! Put on your best outfit – in whatever theme you want, and when it’s your turn to dance on down the train walkway you get to tweet out what your wearing and dance like the fool you are! Everyone is a fool for dancing – no inhibitions here at NipClub, let it all hang out and *dance, dance, dance* with your partner! Come on down to the Sooooooouuuuuuuul Train!

Date: Saturday May 9  Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT  Host: TBA


.#NCM Orient Express l:p:i banner Oh the glorious route of the original Orient Express – starting in London, traveling on to Paris, and then landing in Istanbul, it was a glorious thing seeing all of those beautiful locals. But what do you know about London, Paris, and Istanbul? Hopefully you’ll know a lot as we are planning on playing a little trivia game to test your knowledge!
Why did the Orient Express stop in these cities, you ask? There were a lot of stops and turns – and not always did the train travel this path… but why did it change courses, and where did it go? All of these things will become known when you join us for some great London, Paris, Istanbul-What Do You Know trivia! If you know the history of this great, glorious train route then you are inline for likely winning this trivia game – and getting yourself a cool prize!
So join us at the date(s)/time(s) listed below and be ready for a bit of trivia fun!

Date: Saturday May 9  Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT  Host: @Lucky_GSD                      Date: Sunday May 10 Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT Host: @3phibotticelli 


.#NCM Orient Express race bannerWho wouldn’t want to be a locomotive engineer? Drive your own train – around the sharp turns, through the tunnels, and zoom down the steep mountain side! Sounds like fun doesn’t it!?! Well, that’s because it is! The Train Races will be a fun event where anyone who wants to can race a locomotive train against other anipals to see who is the best Choo Choo Choo Train Racer of them all!

Make sure you join the Entertainment Leader during the date(s)/time(s) listed, put on your little engineer cap, and climb aboard one of the bright and shiney trains and you will be in for a great time! All of the trains will be primed and ready for racing – so please make sure you sit in the driver’s seat with your seat belt on and be ready for some fun! The trains will be on some of the biggest train racing tracks found in the world – a busy, busy place for sure – so make sure you pay attention to the Entertainment Leader until s/he say’s ‘Go!’ Then you are on your own, racing through the 100 mile track – but will it be that easy? Of course not – your Entaintment Leader will scream out upcoming track issues, turns, stops, starts, hills, declines, and other fun things. You will need to race your train by following the directions of your Entertainment Leader and tweeting out all of the fun things you do in response! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Choo, Choo, Choo – Train Races!

Date: Saturday May 9  Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT  Host: @DylCat1 


Pack Your Travel Trunk Now!

@TweetingTruman is offering 2 styles…

.                                                                                                                                                     Vintage photos alongside the #Nipclub Express lounge car                     DylanNE   IamRustyCatne   ShaynaNE         featured models Dylan, Rusty, Shayna

          Vintage photos inside the #Nipclub Express lounge car                 KatiebellaNE   MarioNE   MollyNE  featured models Katiebella, Mario, Molly


@realfakegator is offering 3 styles…

         Souvenir #Nipclub Express Tickets (light or dark border)                                     @cats_meows Orient Express sepia 4   @cats_meows Orient Express sepia 2                                               featured model @mariethetabby

Vintage photos alongside #Nipclub Express (light or dark border)                               #NC Orient Express @OneWhiteDog.   #NC Orient Express @OneWhiteDog..                                                 featured model @OneWhiteDog

Vintage travel Postcards (light or dark border, different locations)                             #NCM Orient Express @kittehboi.   #NCM Orient Express @kittehboi..                                                featured model @kittehboi


 Truman and Gator can do avatars in Non-vintage, as well as custom avatars @cats_meows Orient Express   #NCM Orient Express @OneWhiteDog   #NCM Orient Express @kittehboi

You can also contact one of the other graphic team members for avatars @ToddyFur      @PuppyNumber7



All Aboard! #Nipclub Express European Tour



Relive the Golden Age of Travel aboard the #Nipclub Express

Departing May 9th at 2:00 PM EDT

Pack your bags and come with us for a trip across the continent of Europe on the NipClub Express! This super-luxury train will take you on a journey back to the days when you could mingle with the crowned heads of Europe as they took their vacations in sophisticated European capitals from London via Paris to Istanbul. We’ll have the most exotic noms and drinks you can imagine, as well as music, dancing, beautiful prizes and some highly entertaining games and competitions.

The train will leave the station at 2pm EDT on Saturday May 9 and will return 24 hours later, so go get your outfit from the pawesome tailoring team and come join us for a weekend of travel, luxury, sophistication and sheer mischief aboard the NipClub Express!

Click here to reserve your ticket!




Dressing for the Desert Island

Take a peek and see what the graphics team has to offer for this weekend`s Desert Island pawty.  Dress for the island or dress for one of the activities.  Don`t  see  just the right thing?  We can do custom!                                  


Contact @TweetingTruman if you’d like one of these avatars.

DylanDI KatiebellaDI MarioDI MollyDI SadieDI SkyeDI

Contact @PuppyNumber7 if you’d like one of these avatars.

Archie_Pup and Charshy_Pup Pirates Bea_Bells Treasure Chest Duchess Genie in a bottle Marie The Tabby and Skottee MyJaffa Genie in a Bottle tiggybean desert island

keep watching for additions